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  • Myo Connect application menu options

    When the Myo Connect application is running, it will be present on the menu bar along the top of the screen (OS X) or in the system tray in the bottom right of the screen (Windows).

    Clicking on the icon will bring up additional options.


    Armband Manager - This allows to to add, remove and manage connected Myo armbands. You can also change the name of your Myo, show the Gesture Window and ping your Myo.

    Application Manager - Allows you to add and remove connectors created for controlling applications with the Myo.

    Myo Market Beta - You can download new apps and Connectors to control your apps and devices from the Myo Market application package.

    Keyboard Mapper - Configure Double Tap, Wave Left, Wave Right, Fist and Finger Spread gestures to use keyboard and mouse commands.

    Preferences - This allows you to control whether hints are shown when Myo-enabled applications are first run, provides the ability to turn on/off anonymous user data collection, developer mode and launching Myo Connect automatically when you log in to your computer.

    Guides - How to and getting started guides showing you how to setup and use your Myo armband and Myo Connect software.

    Myo Support - Links you to our Knowledge Base in the event you need technical support or other information.

    About Myo Connect - Displays current version of Myo Connect, open source software acknowledgements.

    Check for Updates... - Check for new available versions of Myo Connect.

    Quit - Shuts down the Myo Connect application.