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  • Myo Connect data collection

    In order to continually innovate and improve the Myo armband experience, Thalmic Labs may collect certain usage statistics related to the Myo armband and/or applications that make use of the Myo Connect application, including without limitation: a unique identifier of the Myo armband being used, an associated IP address, a version number of the Myo Connect application, and/or gesture data collected and stored during use of the Myo Connect application.  Any or all of this information may be transmitted to Thalmic Labs from you unless you opt out of data collection in the Myo Connect application.  The data collected is examined in the aggregate to improve the Myo armband experience and is maintained in accordance with the Thalmic Privacy Policy, available here.

    The very first screen you see when you open Myo Connect gives you an option to enable/disable data collection.


    You can also modify this setting in the Preferences screen in Myo Connect.

    1. Click (Mac)/Right-click (Windows) the Myo Connect application and select Preferences...


    2. Turn off the option labelled Share Myo Usage Data.