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  • Improving gesture recognition

    Try these steps if you find you are having difficulty getting your Myo armband to recognize your gestures.

    1. Perform the sync gesture again

    For your Myo armband to function accurately it's necessary that the sync gesture is performed every time you put the Myo armband on. It's very important that you perform the gesture as shown.  


    If for some reason your armband doesn't recognize a gesture at all, or the intended gesture you are making is being recognized as one of the other 4 gestures, follow these steps to correct the performance of the Myo armband.

    Note:  There is no need to exert a lot of force when performing any of the gestures. All gestures should be recognized with a comfortable amount of force.

    Re-position the Myo armband on your forearm.

    1. Slip the Myo armband down your forearm towards your wrist. The Myo will vibrate to indicate it is no longer synchronized on your arm.
    2. Slightly change the orientation of the Myo armband (rotate device slightly).
    3. Slip the armband back onto the thickest part of your forearm.
    4. Perform the sync gesture. The Myo armband will emit two short vibrations after you perform the sync gesture correctly.

    When wearing Myo on your arm, the USB port must face towards your wrist. If it faces your elbow, Myo will think it is on the wrong arm and your gesture may be inverted.

    The sync gesture plays a big role in gesture recognition since it calibrates the Myo armband with your arm. A bad sync can result in poor recognition.

    Note: It's possible that as you go about your daily activities the Myo armband may move slightly on your arm. Re-seating the device on your forearm and performing the sync gesture will ensure accurate and precise detection of gestures.

    2. Let Myo warm up

    • When you sync, the armband may need to warm up in order to properly recognize your gestures. This period typically takes 2-5 minutes but can also be longer for others.
    • This warm up period will have less than optimal gesture recognition, as Myo acclimates to your arm's musculature.
    • Once Myo has warmed up, it will ask that you resync.

    This warm up period is not actually about the temperature, but about Myo intelligently analyzing your arm to establish a good connection.

    3. Install the latest firmware

    Myo Connect should automatically prompt you to update the firmware, but if you are experiencing issues with the update, follow the instructions on this support page

    With each firmware update, we have improved gesture recognition for the default Thalmic Labs gesture profile. 

    4. Create a custom profile

    As a last resort, if re-positioning Myo, letting it warm up, and making sure the latest firmware is installed doesn't help, try creating a custom calibration profile.

    • In general, you should be sticking with the default Thalmic Labs profile, since the custom profile requires very strict positioning to be maintained, and you'd have to re-calibrate the Myo armband if it's moved at all from its position.
    • If you use the custom profile regularly, make sure you check out the default Thalmic Labs profile every time there's a new firmware update. Every update could significantly improve recognition for you.

    5. Send us your diagnostics

    If you're still having trouble, please navigate to our diagnostics page in the browser with your Myo armband connected and Myo Connect running.

    • Here, you can see data being received by your Myo armband.
    • Take a look at the EMG graphs in the top right corner and the IMU graphs in the bottom left.
    • Put on the armband and use it to see if the graphs react accordingly (when you rotate it, the cube next to the IMU graphs should also rotate).
    • Put the armband down flat on a surface and make sure the lines in the EMG graphs are generally straight (should have some small fluctuations) and in the middle of the graphs.

    If you see any irregularities or think your armband's sensors are not working properly, please take a screenshot or record a video and send it off to us at support@thalmic.com.