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  • How to wear the Myo armband

    Wear the Myo armband on your most dominant arm, sliding it over your hand and wrist to the thickest part of your forearm, just below your elbow.  This is where signals from your muscles are strongest.

    The sensors of the Myo armband require direct contact with your skin.  You may wear your armband under clothing, but do not wear it on top of clothing.

    The armband should fit comfortably snug, not sliding on your arm when you move. To learn if the Myo armband will fit you, click here.

    In the video below, Phil explains how to place the Myo over the muscles in your forearm and how to get a strong electrical connection between Myo and your muscles.


    If your Myo is not detecting a gesture or interpreting one for another, re-positioning the Myo (both vertically and horizontally) to find the best spot for you on your arm is important. Experiment by changing the orientation and the height of the Myo on your arm. It is also important to have a good, clean sync. For more information on the Sync Gesture click here.

    Here's an example of how to put the Myo armband on: