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  • The status LED on the Myo armband is flashing red


    The status LED on your Myo armband will flash red when it encounters an error that prevents it from functioning normally.

    Manually reloading the firmware will return the Myo to its normal state. Perform the following steps to reload the firmware on your Myo:

    1. Download the latest firmware file.

    2. Connect your Myo to the computer through a micro USB cable. A removable disk called "Myo" will mount.

    3. Copy the firmware HEX file to the Myo drive.

    4. Once the copy is successful, disconnect the Myo from your computer.

    5. The status LED on the Myo will pulse a pale purple colour for a few moments while the firmware update is applied. The Thalmic Labs logo will glow blue when the operation is complete.

    6. If you still see the status LED flashing red after successfully reloading the firmware, please try a different:

    • standard micro USB cable
    • USB port on your computer (preferably on another USB host controller)
    • another computer. That will tell us if the issue is isolated to the Myo itself or the computer.