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  • Windows is unable to find a compatible driver for the Myo armband

    In some instances, Microsoft Windows is unable to apply the correct driver for the Myo armband when it is connected to the computer via USB.

    Manually installing the driver using Windows Device Manager will allow the Myo to communicate successfully with the computer again.

    1. Open Device Manager by searching for "device manager" in the Start menu


    2. Locate the USB device representing the Myo in the Device Manager list.

    Note: The name of the device and category as shown below may vary. For example, it may display as an "Unknown Device" instead.


    3. Right click on the device and click Update Driver Software...


    4. In the Update Driver Software wizard click Browse my computer for driver software.


    5. Click Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.


    6. Uncheck the Show compatible hardware box to show the Manufacturer list.  


    7. Scroll through the Manufacturer list on the left and click Compatible USB storage device. Click on USB Mass Storage Device under the Model list on the right and click Next.


    8. You will receive an Update Driver Warning dialog stating that manually applying a driver may cause the device to stop functioning. Click Yes to continue.


    9. The wizard will apply the new drivers and report success. Click Close to complete the wizard. Windows Device Manager should correctly show the Myo as a USB Mass Storage Device under the Universal Serial Bus controllers section.



    The Myo should now be able to mount the removable "Myo" disk and Myo Connect should detect it successfully. If the driver application failed or the Myo is still unable to communicate with your computer, please contact support@thalmic.com