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  • How do I use my Myo armband with my Android device?

    You can use your Myo armband to control Myo-enabled applications on Android devices through a Bluetooth Smart connection. Each application controls the pairing and connection to the Myo armband within the application. 

    Here's an example of how to connect a Myo armband to Myo Music on an Android device:

    1. Ensure Bluetooth is turned on for your Android device.

    2. Open the Myo Music app.

    3. Tap Connect to begin pairing your Myo armband.


    4. Myo Music will automatically scan for nearby Myo armbands to connect to. When you see your Myo in the list, tap to connect to it.


    If you do not see your Myo in the list, please ensure it is disconnected from any other applications or devices first. If the status LED on the Myo is blue then it is currently connected to another application/device.


    A green dot will appear next to your Myo's name to show that it is connected.


    If you haven't updated your Myo to the latest firmware and see a yellow dot with "required 1.1.0 or newer" message, you won't be able to use your Myo with your device. Update your Myo through Myo Connect first using the steps outlined here, and then re-connect to Myo Music.


    5. Tap Myo Music to go back to the player screen and perform the Sync Gesture.


    6. Open your favourite music application for Myo Music to control. Myo Music supports Play Music, Rdio, Songza, Spotify, and 8tracks. We will use Spotify for example.


    7. Use the Double Tap gesture to unlock the playback controls. The controls will lock again after no commands have been received for 3 seconds.


    8. Use the Finger Spread gesture to play/pause, Wave Left and Wave Right to skip tracks, and rotate your Fist left or right to control the volume. 


    Note: You do not need to be in the Myo Music application to control playback. As long as it's running (background or foreground), you will be in control!