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  • Creating a custom calibration profile for your Myo armband

    Thalmic Labs has made a profile designed to recognize five gestures on either arm of any person. This default profile is great because if a friend wants to try controlling your drone with your Myo armband, you can slip it off, hand it to them, have them put it on properly and sync it, and take immediate control. It works despite vast differences in anatomy from one arm to the next.

    Any firmware updates to your Myo armband will improve gesture recognition in the default Thalmic Labs profile alone.

    However, if you are having problems with the default Thalmic Labs profile, you have the option to create your own custom profile in the Armband Manager in Myo Connect! The muscles in your arm are as unique as your fingerprint, and when you calibrate Myo it's as if you are asking it to read only your fingerprint. It will also only work in the position you use to calibrate, so you should not move it or change the orientation after calibrating.


    The Custom Calibration Profile utility allows you to train the Myo by recording yourself performing each of the four gestures. To create a custom calibration profile, follow these steps:

    1. Put your Myo on. Ensure it is connected to Myo Connect on your computer through Bluetooth.


    2. Open the Armband Manager from the Myo Connect menu


    3. Select the Calibration tab and click the Create a Profile button.

    4. The Custom Calibration Profile utility will launch in a new window. Click the Continue button or tap the spacebar to begin. Please ensure your Myo has warmed-up before proceeding.

    5. Select the orientation of your Myo and which arm it's on. Click Continue or tap the spacebar. Make a note of where the Myo armband is on your arm: every time you use this profile, your Myo armband must be in exactly the same same position and orientation.

    6. Watch the video to learn how to make a Fist gesture. Tap the spacebar on your keyboard to begin the recording. 


    The recording must capture you performing the gesture and then returning to the rest state. Don't hold the gesture during the whole recording or Myo won't be able to detect the gesture correctly!

    After the recording is complete, you can Do it again or Continue. Tapping the spacebar again will Continue the calibration.

    7. Watch and then record the Finger Spread gesture.


    8. Watch and then record the Wave In gesture.

    9. Watch and then record the Wave Out gesture.

    10. Watch and then record your arm in a relaxed state. 

    11. The new custom calibration profile is sent to your Myo so your profile will work when using your Myo with any device or application!

    12. Test out your new profile by performing each of the gestures you recorded. You can record the gestures again by clicking Re-calibrate or click Complete Profile to finish.

    13. You can switch between the default Thalmic Labs profile and your custom profile, or create a new profile at any time in the Armband Manager.