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  • Warm up while wearing your Myo armband

    Before giving a presentation or controlling software with Myo, wear it for 5 minutes. This will warm up your device and give you optimal gesture recognition.

    When you put Myo on your arm, you may experience a "warm up" period that can last up to 5 minutes, sometimes longer depending on skin and weather conditions. During this time Myo is forming a strong electrical connection with the muscles in your forearm. The effect varies per person and region based on humidity. If you attempt to use Myo during the warm up period, you may notice the following changes in performance:

    • Gestures (including the sync gesture) may require multiple attempts before they are recognized
    • Gestures may be misinterpreted as others
    • Custom calibration profiles configured during warm up will have reduced performance after the warm up period and will require you to create a new custom profile

    The Thalmic Labs logo LED on the Myo armband will flash during warm up and then vibrate once it is complete. If Myo is connected to your computer, Myo Connect will also display the warm up status in the gesture window.


    Once Myo has finished warming up, hit the re-sync Myo button and perform the sync gesture again. 


    We're continually working on improvements to the Myo armband's gesture recognition. As we release new updates, performance will improve for users experiencing this issue.