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  • Setting up the Myo armband with only 1 USB port available

    When you open the Myo Connect software for the first time, the Getting Started Guide launches and requires the Myo armband to be connected to the computer at the same time as the USB Bluetooth adapter.


    Users with a computer that have limited or only one USB port, such as the Microsoft Surface 3, are unable to proceed from this step and can follow the steps outlined below to connect their Myo armband.

    1. Manually update the firmware on the Myo by following the steps outlined here.

    2. Connect the USB Bluetooth adapter to your computer and open Myo Connect. The Getting Started Guide will launch automatically. Close this window and then Close the notification stating your Myo hasn't been set up.






    3. Myo Connect will still be running in the system tray (Windows) or the menu bar (macOS). Right click the Myo Connect icon and select Armband Manager.


    4. Click the blue Connect a Myo Armband button and pair your Myo to your computer by tapping the central pod to the Bluetooth adapter as shown.



    5. Once the Myo has successfully paired and connected, close the Armband Manager and open the Getting Started Guide from the Myo Connect menu.


    6. Complete the Getting Started Guide to finish setting up your Myo!