Using the Keyboard Mapper in Myo Connect

The Keyboard Mapper utility in Myo Connect gives you the power to assign keyboard and mouse commands to any of the 5 gestures to control any application you wish! On top of that, you can export your custom configurations as Connector scripts for use with specific applications.

While the Keyboard Mapper is active, the currently configured control scheme is used globally across your computer for any application that you are running. Whichever application window is active will receive the commands from your Myo armband. All existing Connector scripts listed in the Application Manager in Myo Connect are disabled while the Keyboard Mapper is active.


1. To start, select Keyboard Mapper... from the Myo Connect menu.


The Myo Keyboard Mapper screen is where you can review and set commands to each gesture Myo recognizes.


2. Click on the drop down list box below each gesture to configure the action you want it to perform.


Map a Key - Assign a keyboard key or combination including Shift, Alt, Control or Command (Mac only) modifiers to the gesture. Modifiers can include multiple keys such as Shift+w or Ctrl+Alt+Esc


Press the key or key combination you want activated when performing the gesture. You can also specify if the key(s) are pressed once (Tap) or held down until you release the gesture (Hold). Click the Clear button to select a different key or key combination.  


Once you're happy with your configuration for that gesture, click Save.

Map a Mouse Click - Assign the left, right or middle mouse button to the gesture.


Press the mouse button you want activated when performing the gesture. You can also specify if the button is pressed once (Tap) or held down until you release the gesture (Hold). Click the Clear button to select a different mouse button. Click on Save when you're satisfied and ready to continue!


Timed Unlock (2s) - The assigned gesture will unlock controls for your Myo armband. If a gesture has not been detected after 2 seconds (or if you drop your arm), controls will lock automatically to prevent accidental input. Most apps and Connectors use the Double Tap gesture, but now you can choose whichever gesture you desire!

Toggle Unlock - The assigned gesture will unlock controls for your Myo armband and will remain unlocked until the gesture is performed again.

Toggle Mouse - The assigned gesture will enable you to control your mouse cursor movement with the Myo armband! Perform the gesture again to stop.

Toggle Unlock and MouseThis combination of commands will let you use the assigned gesture to both unlock controls for your Myo armband while immediately enabling mouse cursor movement control. Perform the gesture again to lock controls and stop mouse cursor movement.

3. When your configuration is complete, click Activate to enable the Keyboard Mapper.

Remember, all Connector scripts in Application Manager are disabled while the Keyboard Mapper is enabled!


If you want to go back to using the Connectors, open the Keyboard Mapper and click the Deactivate button.


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