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  • Using the Armband Manager in Myo Connect

    The Armband Manager in Myo Connect allows you to manage your connected Myo armband(s), calibration profile used for gesture recognition and firmware updates.

    The left pane in the Armband Manager displays connected Myo armbands and allows you to add or remove connections with the + and - buttons.

    The right pane contains the following 3 tabs:



    Connect/Disconnect - Manually connect or disconnect the Bluetooth connection to your Myo armband.
    Ping Myo - Vibrate your Myo to locate it and/or distinguish it from another.
    Turn Myo Off - Turn Myo off completely to prepare it for travel or an extended sleep.
    New firmware update available - Update the firmware on your Myo armband.




    Rename - Change the name of your Myo armband. This is the name you see when you connect Myo to any device.

    Show Myo gestures - Show or hide the round gesture overlay.

    • Hide overlay when locked - Disable to always see the gesture overlay while Myo is connected.
    • Display screen - If you have multiple displays connected to your computer, click Toggle to change which display the gesture window displays on.




    Thalmic Labs profile - The default calibration profile for gesture recognition on Myo. 
    Custom Profile - Select to have Myo use your custom profile instead of the default Thalmic Labs profile.
    Create a Profile - Create a new custom calibration profile.

    Any firmware updates to Myo modify only the Thalmic Labs profile for better gesture recognition. Using the Thalmic Labs profile is recommended, while the Custom Profile should only be used as a last resort.