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  • Myo Connectors

    Myo Connectors allow you to control applications with your Myo armband. They apply the gestures recognized by Myo by assigning them to specific commands or functions for whichever application you want to control. 

    You can find Myo Connectors in the Myo Market applications package, export them from the Keyboard Mapper or you can even write your own!

    Installing them is easy! Once you have downloaded or created the Connector, double click to open and then click the Install button when prompted.


    Connectors are stored and prioritized in the Application Manager in Myo Connect. Once your Connector is active in the Application Manager, open the application you want to control and your Myo will automatically be active and ready to go!



    Any global scripts like "Global Media Keys" should stay at the bottom of the Application Manager list as they will override any scripts below them. Keeping them at the bottom minimizes conflict.