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  • Double Tap gesture is not recognized

    Having trouble getting Double Tap to recognize for any application? Try the tips below!

    1. When your Myo is not detecting a gesture or interpreting one for another, adjusting the position and orientation of the Myo to find the best spot for you on your arm is key. Experiment! If you normally wear Myo with the logo LED pod on the top of your arm, try rotating it to the bottom of your arm. Or, perhaps flip it around so that if the USB port is facing your elbow, now it's facing your wrist. Also ensure Myo has warmed up by being on your arm for a few minutes.

    2. Try using other fingers to tap your thumb or try tapping a different surface such as a the top of a desk or your leg. 

    3.  Don't spam the gesture as fast and as many times as you can - it's two consecutive taps of your thumb and finger at a steady pace - no more, no less. Use the image below as a guide.


    4. Perform the gesture with your wrist rotated so your palm is facing upwards.

    5. Navigate to the Diagnostics page with your Myo connected to your computer via Bluetooth and confirm that the IMU Graphs react as you move and rotate your arm.

    If the IMU graphs aren't reacting to your movement or you're still having issues, email support@thalmic.com and we'll help you out!