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  • Using Presentation Mode in Myo Connect

    Presentation Mode can be used with PowerPointKeynotePrezi, Google Slides, or Adobe Reader. With this mode, which comes included with Myo Connect, you can use a variety of gestures to control your presentation in interesting ways, including the ability to zoom and use a laser pointer (without an actual laser pointer).


    1. To get it started, go to the Application Manager in Myo Connect and switch on Presentation Mode.

    Once Presentation Mode is active, all other connectors will be disabled. The Myo Quick Launch Menu will still be active (unless you've disabled it in Preferences).

    2. Launch your preferred presentation software, and use the following gestures to control the slides: 

    Double Tap - Double Tap to advance to the next slide in your presentation.


    Wave In and Hold - Hold the Wave In gesture (you will feel the armband vibrate) to go back slides.


    Fist + Rotate - Holding the Fist gesture will temporarily activate a pointer.

    • Rotating your fist clockwise zooms in on the location of the pointer. Once zoomed, you can release the fist and it will stay zoomed in. 


    • Rotating your fist counter-clockwise creates a trail behind the pointer and keeps it permanent, so you can release the fist gesture.


    • Double Tap to zoom back out or to stop using the pointer.

    3. You can enable/disable the Pointer or Zoom function and customize the colour of your Pointer on the Presentation Mode tab in the Preferences window in Myo Connect.