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  • Using the Application Manager in Myo Connect

    The Application Manager in Myo Connect allows you to manage installed Myo Connectors and control schemes such as Presentation Mode and Keyboard Mapper. These tell your Myo armband how to control the applications that are listed. 


    You can access it through the Myo Connect menu. Click (OS X) or right-click (Windows) on the Myo Connect icon an select Application Manager...


    The Myo Connectors are listed in order of priority. Higher connectors on the list will override lower connectors if there is conflict. For example, Connectors that are always active regardless of the application you're using, such as Ultimate Mouse Control or Pocket Presenter, will take control over other Connectors such as VLC Connector or iTunes Connector. Move the always active Connectors to the bottom of the list in order to use the others.

    To remove a connector from the Application Manager, hit the "X".


    This removes the connector from the manager, but does not remove the ".myo" file from your system (so you can add it back later, if you like).

    To temporarily disable a connector, hit the switch.


    This does not remove the connector from the manager, but allows you to quickly switch between conflicting connectors.

    While Presentation Mode is active, all other connectors are disabled.


    Similarly, if the Keyboard Mapper is active, all of the other connectors are disabled.