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  • Myo Quick Launch Menu

    The Quick Launch Menu in Myo Connect allows you to activate Myo Mouse, the on-screen Myo Keyboard and a number of browser shortcuts. The shortcut items in the list are pre-configured and not currently customizable.



    To activate the Menu, raise your arm vertically so it's perpendicular to the ground. You will notice the Myo vibrate and the Quick Launch Menu pop down. Make a Fist and pull down to fully open the menu.



    Navigate the menu by moving your arm up or down and use the Finger Spread gesture to select an item. Selecting an item will automatically close the menu.



    To close the menu without selecting anything, make a Fist and raise your arm. 



    You can enable or disable the Quick Launch Menu from the Preferences screen in Myo Connect. Preferences can be accessed from the menu by clicking/right clicking on the Myo Connect icon.