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  • Myo armband not recognized through USB

    Follow these steps if the Myo armband is not being recognized when you connect it through the USB cable. It should show up as a removable drive called "Myo."

    1. Try connecting it differently. Sometimes two pieces of hardware conflict with each other. Make sure you've tried a different:

    • USB cable
    • USB port (ideally under a different USB host controller)
    • PC or Mac system

    2.  Make note of the colour of the LED when you connect the armband. It should be pulsing orange to indicate that it is charging. If it does not light up under any circumstances (tried different cable, port and system) make sure to email us at support@thalmic.com.

    3.  As a lasts resort, try performing a full reset. Let the battery drain completely from the armband (can take 2 - 3 days). You'll know it has drained if the LEDs do not light up when you move the armband. Once drained, connect it again to see if it shows up.