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  • Locking and unlocking controls for Myo


    Controls for the Myo armband can be either locked or unlocked. When it is unlocked, it is free to receive gesture commands to control the application on the computer or device it's connected to. Conversely, if Myo is locked, it will not register gestures. This helps to prevent unintentional activations. By default, the Myo will be locked until you perform the unlock gesture (usually Double Tap, but it can be set by the app) and then it will lock again after 3 seconds of inactivity or if you drop your arm (a 10 degree pitch change is detected).

    Each Myo application and Connector can use a different locking policy. They can be one of the following:

    1. None, always unlocked - Presentation Mode in Myo Connect uses this. When you perform a gesture, the command will be sent to whichever application you're currently using.
    2. Manual - locked until the unlock gesture is performed and stays unlocked until the gesture is performed again or a special condition is met. The Pocket Presenter Connector automatically unlocks controls when your arm is lowered to your side.
    3. Default Policy - Connectors such as VLC Media Player, iTunes, Spotify, etc use this. Open the application you want to control and Double Tap to unlock controls.

    Attention developers! If you are creating your own application using the Myo SDK, you can take a look at LockingPolicy in the Myo::Hub class for more information. Myo Connector scripts use the myo.setLockingPolicy function.