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  • USB Bluetooth Adapter is not detected in Myo Connect

    When you load up the Armband Manager in Myo Connect, if you find that the Bluetooth adapter is not detected, there are some steps you can take to get to the bottom of the issue.   


    • The first thing is to try using a different USB port (preferably on another USB host controller - as in, a different section of USB ports on the computer).
    • If it is still not detected, connect it to a different computer to see if the problem lies with the system or the adapter itself.

    If the adapter does not work anywhere and it is within the one year warranty, let us know at support@thalmic.com. If the problem is with the system, there is something blocking or interfering with the connection. You can reach out in order to see if we can help. Before you contact us:

    • Do you see any notifications or hear any sounds when the adapter is connected, to indicate that a USB device has connected?
    • Does Myo Connect recognize that a Bluetooth adapter has been connected?
    • Does the "Bluegiga Bluetooth Low Energy" device appear in Windows Device Manager under the Ports (COM & LPT) section or as "Low Energy Dongle" in the USB hardware section of the System Information application on OS X?



        Include the details of what you find, because this will be good information for further troubleshooting.