• Support Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-6pm EST
    Email: support@bynorth.com

  • Myo version required 1.1.0 or newer in iOS/Android application

    When you first unwrap your Myo armband and connect it to your compatible mobile device, you might discover that the Myo firmware requires an update.


    Sometimes a new firmware update is available after a Myo has been packaged and shipped, so you will need to update the firmware before you can use it with your mobile device.

    The easiest way to update your Myo firmware is to connect it to your Mac or PC and follow the steps in the Getting Started guide. If you haven't gone through the Getting Started Guide yet, we strongly recommend you do. There is some important information for using your Myo armband in there!

    In the unlikely event that you run into issues updating your firmware normally, follow the steps for manually installing the latest version.

    If you run into further issues, contact support@thalmic.com for more help.