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  • Myo Connect closes unexpectedly in Windows

    In order to identify the cause of the crash, we'll need to take a look at the application logs for Myo Connect from the Windows Event Viewer.

    1. Launch Event Viewer application.


    2. In the Application folder from Windows Logs section locate an Error report in the events list for Myo Connect.

    3. Identify the faulting module name in the report. This represents the file and/or application conflicting with Myo Connect.


    Example Faults

    MSI Nahimic Utility

    This fault is caused by the MSI Nahimic Utility application installed on most recent MSI computers. Exiting or disabling the application will prevent it from interfering with Myo Connect and cause it to quit unexpectedly. We recommend updating the Nahimic utility to the latest version to to see if that fixes the root cause.


    Intel Drivers (ig4icd32.dll)

    This fault is caused by out of date Intel display adapter drivers. Updating to the latest driver version from the Intel website to resolve the issue.


     OpenGL (libgGLESv2)

    The failed to create OpenGL context error fault is caused by missing OpenGL 2.1 support or out of date display adapter drivers. Follow the steps outlined here to identify the version of OpenGL supported on your computer.

    If your computer supports OpenGL 2.1 or higher, ensure you are running the latest display adapter version provided by the chipset manufacturer - IntelAMD/ATI, NVidia, etc.

    If your computer does not support OpenGL 2.1 or higher, you will not be able to use Myo Connect.


     Windows System File (ntdll.dll)

    Unfortunately there isn't always a common culprit when applications are faulted for this reason - it can be anything across the system that could be causing it as ntdll.dll is a core Windows system file. You can check out this post and this post for more information and potential fixes. A good first step is to update the display adapter drivers on your computer.




    Still need help? Email us at support@thalmic.com with a copy of the event log. Export the event by right clicking and selecting Save Selected Events...