Myo not connecting via Bluetooth during Getting Started Guide

If you've found you can't progress during this stage of the Getting Started Guide, the Myo firmware update did not complete successfully or Myo is unable to connect to the Bluetooth adapter.


1. Check the state of the Thalmic Labs logo LED and status LED on the Myo armband. The logo LED should be pulsing blue and the status LED off. You can find a list of LED states with descriptions here.


If you see the status LED blue, that means Myo is already connected to another computer or mobile device. Disconnect Myo from any other devices first.

If you see the status LED flashing red or both LEDs off, you will need to manually reload the firmware using the steps outlined here.

2. Navigate away from the Getting Started Guide and open the Armband Manager. Remove your Myo from the list on the left by clicking the blue minus button. If you don't see any Myo armbands listed, proceed to the next step.


3. Once the Myo(s) have been removed or if you don't have any listed, add your Myo by clicking the Connect a Myo Armband button.


This should manually reset the connection and allow you to proceed.